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Red Door Gallery is a meeting place and exhibition space for artists working with photography, film/video, painting, sculpture, multi-media installations and performances. We offer an exciting environment for new and emerging artists interested in an alternative gallery space dedicated to issue-oriented work.

Open Call for Artists

We are pleased to announce an open call for artists interested in collaborations, exhibition and representation for our new site www.reddoorproject.com. We are also currently considering artists for our future exhibition schedules in our Copenhagen gallery.

Artists are encouraged to submit work that exhibits a clear conceptual design and thematic idea. There is no set requirement for subject matter or technique.

Artists interested in consideration should click on the link below to view a .pdf file containing our guidelines.

About Red Door:

Red Door is a private gallery space formerly located in the urban setting of the Seefeld area of Zurich, near the shores of Lake Zurich in Switzerland. For two years we presented a wide variety of exhibitions. In 2009, Red Door relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark. We are an alternative gallery space dedicated to issue oriented, thought provoking exhibitions and installations. We offer new and emerging artists interested in international exposure an opportunity to show work that moves outside the boundaries of a traditional commercial gallery setting. Our focus is on photography, film, and multi-media works produced using traditional and digital mediums.